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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

And again:

You are made of Cells, which are made of Molecules, which are made of Atoms, which are made of Electrons ... by default design, you are an electrical system ... and you live in a place (Universe) that is also an electrical system ...

This electrical charge is carried by the electrons and protons in an atom, with the electrons carrying a negative charge while the protons carry a positive charge, Protons and electrons attract each other (the archetype of the cliché "opposites attract") and conversely, two protons repel each other, as do two electrons.

Protons and electrons create electric fields that exert a force called the Coulomb force, which radiates outward in all directions. The electric field radiates outward from a charged particle, similar to how light radiates outward from a light bulb. Just as with the brightness of light, the strength of the electric field decreases with the square of the distance from the source (1/r2). If you move twice as far away, the field strength decreases to a quarter, and if you move three times as far, the field decreases to a ninth.

The electric force in question is one of the two main forces in the universe 😉 ... the other is gravity. However, the electric force is much, much stronger than gravity.

The repulsive Coulomb force between two protons due to their charge is 4.1 × 1042 times stronger than the attractive gravitational force between them due to their mass. This is true for any distance since the distance cancels on both sides of the equation.

In terms of biology, the same principle holds - Quantum Biology!!!

Due to metabolic processes of the body, we have cells encased in a thin fatty-protein layer that carries a negative electrical charge, this is the same charge that white cells carry: negative. Again: two identical polarities repel each other, which is the main reason a virus (even Coronavirus/Covid-19, remains well protected and invisible to your white blood cells (immune system).

Electric charge is a conserved quantity. This means it cannot be created or destroyed (some of you know my comparison of 3D space and a balloon), and the net amount of electrical charge in what you call the universe is constant and unchanging. Positive and negative charges can neutralize each other, or neutral particles can separate to form positively and negatively charged pairs of particles, but the net amount of charge always remains the same.

The only thing you can do is change the metabolic path of electricity in the cell. This is exactly the principle used by NuCell and its ATP drops !!!!

In conclusion:

Having Health is a Science that depends on you !!!


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