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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Introducing My New Formula: Infinity ATP: The formula's unique ability to penetrate living tissues without causing damage is related to its polar nature, its ability to accept hydrogen bonds, and its extremely small and compact molecular structure.

This combination of properties results in the Formula's ability to bind to water, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acid, ionic substances and other constituents of living systems. The product is available in 100 ml bottles.


The solution molecule is ten-sided with a center. Two methyl groups, an oxygen atom and a non-bonding electron pair are located at the points of the tetrahedron. Formula's ability to bind to molecules that have a thick layer of hydrogen ions and to neutral molecules as well as ionic species is its exclusive property, resulting in the superior solubility of cyclic unsaturated hydrocarbons compared to that of noncyclic saturated hydrocarbons.

The solubility of a substance increases as the electronegativity of the atoms that make up the substance with which the substance is mixed decreases. When we have superoxide anions present as a result of environmental changes, such as radiation toxicity, water contamination, chemotherapy, or other stressors, the result is to aid the body's ability to detoxify at the cellular level.

Instead, superoxide and superoxide dismutase form hydrogen peroxide. Lipid peroxidation takes place. More hydroxyl radicals develop and damage cells with degenerative disease. The formula compensates for these effects and returns the body to a normal state.

The formula is literally water with an altered structure. The Formula's water bond is 1.3 times stronger than the water-water bond. This attribute of binding to water better than the water molecules themselves is very important. Among the more important biological consequences of this effect of the Formula, we can mention changes in the conformations and associations of proteins and other molecules.

More direct biological effects caused by the Formula, without a profound change in its chemical identity, include changes in the equilibrium of ionic parameters and in the specific dissolution of hydrogen bond donors. The basic therapeutic principle of the Formula is that cellular damage is structurally altered - the cell is healed and restored by altering the structure of water within the cell itself.

The permeability of the cell membrane (cellular respiration) is also altered. As a unique nutrient, the formula tends to accumulate white blood cells and more macrophage migration factor (MIF) immune production. The white blood cells bypass any foreign particles in the blood, thus helping the body fight infections. Macrophages are large white blood cells that move around the body searching for, finding and destroying foreign proteins, including microorganisms and other 'non-working' cells in the blood and tissues.

By allowing macrophages to move faster through the tissues, the Formula increases the immune system many fold.

Macrophages activated by the Formula have specific properties. They are literally poison for tumor cells, as well as being a natural chemotherapy for cancers.

The Formula tends to amplify cell-mediated immunity in diseases such as :

Multiple Sclerosis

Systemic Lupus


Rheumatoid arthritis


Lymphoid thyroiditis

Ulcerative colitis

Lepromatous leprosy


Congenital diseases associated with deficiency or dysfunction of T cells

Autoimmune diseases.

* See below full list of applications.

The formula replaces water in the living cell and because of this remarkable property can heal the diseased cell by destroying free radicals in the cell. The formula readily crosses most body membranes without destroying the integrity of those membranes, thus promoting cellular respiration and nutrient/waste transport into and out of the cell, respectively.


The formula is an effective pain reliever that blocks nerve conduction creating pain. It reduces swelling and improves blood supply to the area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen delivery and reducing platelet clumping in the blood.

The formula promotes healing, and is used in the treatment of a number of conditions such as depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, interstitial cystitis, athletic injuries, congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer and AIDS, and many others:

1. Arthritic pain

2. Swollen joints

3. Muscle injuries

4. Sensitive skin

5. Telangiectasias - visible fine capillaries on the face and elsewhere

6. Herpes zoster, herpes simplex

7. Acne

8. Sunburn

9. Lower back pain Lumbago Sciatica

10. Circulation

11. Sore skin

12. Muscle cramps

13. Ankle, knee, wrist sprains) with bruising Stiff neck

14. Tendinitis

15. Scars

16. Fungal nails

17. Skin fungal infections

18. Eczema

19. Interstitial cystitis

20. Scleroderma

21. Lupus

22. Various forms of arthritis

23. Ulcerative colitis

24. Burns, scars, wounds

25. Tendinitis

26. Different types of abnormal cell diseases Different forms

of nervous conditions

27. Powerful protective effect against liver damage. Frees the body from heavy metals.

28. Bursitis - relieves acute bursitis by 80 to 90 percent, even in chronic bursitis with calcium deposits, the formula brings good results, and calcium deposits are gradually reduced.

29. Frostbite

30. Hemorrhoids

31. Injuries - strains, sprains, bruises, bone fractures, athletic injuries, etc.: The formula has shown impressive results with these types of injuries with its anti-inflammatory abilities and its ability to relieve pain and increase circulation. The quicker the treatment after the injury, the better the outcome. There is usually pain relief in 20 minutes or less, and the pain and swelling are often gone almost completely within a few hours of application.

32. Muscle cramps, including nocturnal muscle cramps - The formula helps remove toxins and waste substances and improves circulation in the muscles, helping to relieve muscle cramps.

33. Neuritis - Pain from nerve inflammation is relieved by 50 to 95 percent. Phantom pain in amputated limbs.

34. Postoperative pain.

35. Sciatic nerve pain.

36. Osteoarthritis - Product relieves joint pain, increases range of motion and increases grip strength.

37. Phlebitis - Relieves some of the pain and surface clotting when applied to the skin.

38. Prostatitis.

39. Pruritis ani - Up to 90 percent of those affected find relief from rectal itching and pain.

40. Scleroderma - Clinically the product has been found to bring the best results of any therapy for this condition.

41. Tendonitis. Varicose veins.

42. Eyes - The product is effective for macular degeneration and retinal disease, both diseases of the eye.

43. Stroke - Given soon after a stroke, the product can dissolve the clot that causes the stroke, restoring circulation and avoiding paralysis. Once the product enters the body orally or topically, it penetrates the body and crosses the brain barrier, so even taken orally, it improves circulation.

44. Heart and Brain - The product helps neutralize the harmful effects on the heart and brain in disorders including head and spinal cord injury, stroke, memory dysfunction, and ischemic heart disease.

45. Infections - When combined with antibiotics, the product converts bacteria that are resistant to an antibiotic to be sensitive to that same antibiotic. The product is used to transport antibiotics to hard to reach areas of the body with excellent results, such as the bone marrow and brain.

46. Corona Virus: The formula dissolves the spike protein (viral protein), leaving the nucleus of the virus unprotected with its nucleic acid, leaving it vulnerable to the immune system.

47. Sinus polyps - The product formula can open blocked sinuses within minutes and has been used with success by patients with polyps.

48. Skin thickening - The product is effective in treating painful corns, ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs and inflammation of gouty big toes.

49. Mental disorders:

50. Hyperaroused states (acute schizophrenic reactions, manic phase of manic-depressive psychoses, alcoholic psychoses, symptomatic psychoses);

51. Some symptoms of chronic psychoses (autism, stereotypy, negativism, abnormal behavior or delusional states);

52. Severe neuroses (anxiety reactions, obsessive reactions)

53. Scleroderma - the product has excellent results in people suffering from scleroderma.

54. The formula has powerful antibacterial properties. It is therefore often recommended in the treatment of acne, cuts and scars.

55. The product helps cardiovascular diseases. Especially if one complains of poor circulation, memory dysfunction, anxiety and some other widespread symptoms of poor circulation in the body.

56. The product is highly effective in the treatment of brain injuries. This product works wonders for people who have suffered from some mild to severe brain injury.

57. The formula can be used as a preventative treatment for cancer: the product can cause abnormal cells to become benign. It can stop or slow the development of malignant cells and prevent the development of breast, ovarian, bladder and colorectal cancers.

58. The most important property of the Formula is that within minutes it spreads to all cells, restoring their activity.


The only contraindication: not to be taken by people who drink blood thinners. These people must first undergo the Program, which will easily change the health condition in question !!!

WARNING: On the market are sold fakes that are not my original product, which means medical gambling!!!! The only way to buy the original product is from this site, under products. EVERYTHING else is a fake copy ....


This is a new product !!! These are not the drops we take in the Program !!!

This product does NOT REPLACE the Program, which remains the best thing you can do for your health. This product is designed to improve the cellular health of individuals, especially for those who cannot come to the Program. Combined with the Program, the product has the power of Panacea.

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