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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

When it comes to medical tests, the term "low this" or "high that" should never be taken as an indicator of a "good" or "bad" body condition. Test indicators are relative and numbers should always be considered in the context of the individual as well as their lifestyle.

I'll give an example:

1. Healthy athletes have low red blood cell counts, just like people with leukemia and kidney disease for example.

2. Raw food eaters have low white blood cell counts, just like people with certain cancers ... Raw eaters also have low thyroid levels, for example, just like people following "healthy" calorie restricting diets, just like people with thyroid problems ... which does not make raw eaters sick with cancer. I want to stress here that I am not preaching raw eating, just giving an example !!!

In a nutshell: there are no exact numbers and rules to determine a person's condition, especially when it comes to 'medical tests' and indicators, this is explained in detail in the Program. There are certainly many, many people who have become statistics and negative ones at that, because in doctors' offices they are seen as numbers ... !!!!

The diagram below looks like a Metro (London) map but it is not .... this map is YOU .... and the Metabolism of your cells .... numbers and medical test readings are not important .....

Do you recognize the Radiator in the chart? ... :)

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