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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

When it comes to predicting heart disease and other health problems, which blood test indicators should we monitor and which ones really matter?

There are only a few things to know/monitor, and high cholesterol linked to the heart disease predictions in question is not one of them !!!

Total cholesterol only has a cutoff value when it comes to these predictions. People with high total cholesterol are no more likely to have a heart attack than those with low total cholesterol.

No wonder why so many people are on statin drugs in order to lower total cholesterol ... after all it is a gorgeous business, and runs like an assembly line !... A business for which the loss of funds would be fatal if people stopped worrying about their high total cholesterol.

What are the metrics we really need to watch ?

Two, here they are:

1. Blood sugar: blood sugar readings should remain stable throughout the day. Stable, equal, not high, not low blood sugar readings ... maintaining these readings are a very good sign of overall health ... 80 -100 is a good number for this purpose.

2. The triglyceride/HDL ratio !!! This is the only other IMPORTANT thing you care about. Your triglyceride ratio divided by your HDL ratio is the only indicator/number demonstrating heart disease risk !!!

The goal is to keep the number of said ratio as low as possible. A ratio of less than two is what you should aim for. Anything over four is a statistically bad sign that you are at risk for heart disease.

Here I give my latest research as an example:

My "total cholesterol" is only 168, despite the fact that I find that number absolutely meaningless.

My fasting blood sugar is 77, which s great, and it stays that way at all times: My blood sugar never goes over 100. It is around 80, regardless of the time of day. Before a meal, after a meal, during a meal, 12 hours after a meal , in the morning, in the evening ... doesn't matter. It's always around 80.

My triglycerides are 60, which is great! The lower the better and 60 is a great number.

My HDL "good cholesterol" is 62 which is also great!

Therefore, my triglyceride/HDL ratio (remember right: divide triglycerides by HDL) is only .9 !!! POINT NINE !!! Remember, anything under two is optimal. And anything above four is a strong indicator of future heart disease. So .9 is just great !

How do I achieve and maintain it?

The same way hundreds of people who have participated in the New Cell Program do it: ...

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