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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The body is constantly regenerating. Our cells are programmed to do this process on their own. New cells, organs, skin, tissue, hair, etc. are constantly being born.

This process of constant renewal is made possible by nutrients(vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, etc) and it happens in the gastrointestinal tract. These substances are absorbed through the stomach wall with the help of the blood, where new substances are created and distributed to each cell, which subsequently uses them for their intended purpose.

Each cell has the following regeneration period:

- 120 days - new red cells

- 90 days - new bone cells

- 60 days - new brain cells

- 49 days - new bladder cells

- 45 days - new liver cells

- 45 days - new DNA cell material

- 30 days - new hair, new skin cells

- 5 days - stomach lining cells

And so on...


If we recover completely, why don't we stay young, vibrant and healthy?

THE ANSWER: Each cell is a copy of the one before it, but with a lesser degree of vitality... Over time, the result is the so-called aging process.


Because cells float in liquid/water 75% to 90% depending on age. Little by little this water gets 'polluted' and doesn't supply what the cells need to function at their best.

Let's assume our cells are like fish in an aquarium that is not supplied with clean, contaminant free, stimulant free water. Under these conditions, the fish, the cage, will get sick and probably die. Over 99% of the chemical reactions in the cell are carried out with the help of this liquid medium. Obviously, in order to regenerate and rejuvenate cells, one must first take care of the medium in which the cells swim - the cell water, bearing in mind that the water we are talking about is different from the water we drink every day, whether it is tap water or mineral water.

The body contains approximately 50 trillion cells. The water that sustains these cells is water bound by hydrogen bonds. Unlike tap or mineral water, this water has a particular characteristic: a geometric hexagonal structure that allows it to pass freely through the cell membrane. In this way, it supplies each cell with oxygen, nutrients, proteins, enzymes and removes toxic substances that have accumulated in the cell. The efficiency and speed with which this process occurs depends on the shape and structure of both the water molecules and the cells themselves.

Recent studies have shown that a lack of this type of water is responsible for cell aging and cellular problems. When we are young we have a large amount of this water in our body. For ease of understanding let's call it structured water. As we age, this water loses its hexagonal structure through which it binds to other cell structures and cannot move freely through the cell walls.As a result, the cell suffers from 'pollution' and 'malnutrition' and subsequently ages.

There are 2 types of bio-water in the human body: bound water and clustered water. Structured water can move freely through the cell walls and is necessary for the transport of nutrients, for the removal of waste substances and for maintaining good communication between cells. Bound water is water that is not bound to other molecular structures and cannot move freely through cell walls. When we are young, our bodies contain a large amount of structured water and a small amount of bound water.

As we age, bound water begins to predominate and levels of structured water decrease, hindering the efficiency of thousands of metabolic functions and causing significant structural changes in our body's tissues/organs.

Dr. Alexis Karel, a Nobel Prize winner, was able to keep chicken heart cells alive for 34 years. He claims:

"The cell is immortal. Only the liquid (water) in which the cell floats degenerates. Renew this fluid at certain intervals and give the cells the nutrients they need and thus life can go on forever."

And here is the opinion of multiple Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi:

"Since the structure of the water molecule is the essence of life, the person who succeeds in controlling this structure in the body's cellular system will change the world..."


We can think, work and live because of all the remarkable actions our cells perform. From the day we are born, vast amounts of nutrients and vital components such as oxygen are delivered to each of our cells. Each cell uses nutrients to supply us with energy. And what supplies the cells with the necessary nutrients and manages the process of energy production and waste disposal?


The water that performs these activities in the most efficient way and at the highest rate is

the structured water in question. Much of the water in the body of a healthy individual is in a liquid crystalline state of the constituent components in our body are also liquid crystals including collagen and cell membrane. These tissues work together with structured water to create an information network that reaches every cell. The liquid crystal structure of water helps to transmit signals and other information almost instantaneously.

This water is also known as extracellular fluid. Every cell in our body connects through this fluid. It is the medium in which nutrients, electrical signals are transmitted, it also removes the metabolic waste from the activity of the cell.

A healthy cell is surrounded by liquid crystalline structured water. This water is responsible for the stability of the DNA molecule. The crystal water is also responsible for maintaining the electromagnetic field around the DNA molecule. When water loses its structure, it often results in a disruption of the integrity of the DNA molecule.A young and vibrant cell surrounded by structured/crystalline water has a much stronger electromagnetic field. With this information in mind, it is easier to understand why structured water is the key to life and also the key to renewal and longevity.

When the extracellular fluid deviates from its normal crystalline structure, certain deficient genes are activated and diseases are triggered. The extracellular fluid is the immediate environment surrounding every cell in our body. When the extracellular fluid is optimally maintained, cells can function for a long time and regenerate perfectly. When water is restored/maintained to its normal, crystalline structure, every cell, every organ and every tissue functions as intended, in optimal mode.

The goal of the New Cell Program is the continual adjustment and renewal of the body's cells - the physical body. The "New Cell" program consists of exchanging the bio water contained in your body with new structural water, completely freed from the previous information.This allows the cell to reproduce again and extend its life.

The New Cell Program works as a method of removing diseased, weak, and "useless cells" from the body, as well as the harmful toxic waste from them,including intercellular parasites. It is essential to rid our body of them so that they do not have enough time to multiply inside us.Most people associate parasites only with so-called "intestinal worms", not knowing that most parasites are invisible to the human eye and live in the intercellular space ...

Since cells reproduce by division, the new cells formed from diseased cells are just as weak and damaged. With the New Cell Program, only the healthy and resistant cells are left to multiply, and the Program also has an extremely beneficial effect on the composition of cell fibers. The program creates the prerequisites for the body's improvement at the cellular level.


The NuCell Program corrects the "errors" in the work of the cells thus correcting the original causes of "aging" and of course all age-related diseases and which are not the chronological age of the individual !!! The program assists the restoration of the Chromosomes which are the carriers of DNA and RNA thus the cells start synthesizing again "correctly" the above mentioned fibers. The program allows the body to work in a perfect electro-magnetic exchange.

There is also the question of the so-called "heavy" or "dead" water that remains in the tissues. It has been proven that before the symptoms of aging = disease appear, local foci of so-called "dead" water - improperly structured water - develop in the human body. They call them "pathological" areas. These pathological zones are a kind of "swamp" in the beautiful forest of the human body. These "swamps" inevitably lead to weakening of the immune system and flooding of the internal organs thus causing aging. The New Cell Program drains these "swamps."

The program activates and tunes the body's genetically programmed innate response to many different biological mechanisms. Cells that are diseased, mutated or weak do not survive the biological conditions during the program. The cells that remain are characterized by the effectiveness of genetic engineering. The metabolic (structural water) that is produced by living cells is like a bi-product of oxidative metabolism.Cells that are not destroyed retain their ability to synthesize this metabolic water so not necessary for their proper functioning.

After the Program, the body works in Recovery/Healing and Rejuvenation mode. Soon these processes become visible. Friends and relatives of people who have gone through the Program are amazed at the transformations and youthfulness they radiate.

Of course, the Program also has an amazing effect as prevention. First of all, we should not get sick/old.


For All who want to lead their body, not be led by it !!!! Mostly for people with 'intractable health problems' ... for people who have already been on a medical tour in recent years ... for those who are already 'statistics' as well as for those who don't want to get there ...

For people who want a preventative option to "age related" diseases ... For those who want to LIVE HEALTHY ... while staying YOUNG !!!

Testimonials of those who have already participated in the Program as well as additional information can be found on the main page of this website.

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