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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The Physical Body is made of Cells, which are made of Molecules, which are made of Atoms, which are made of Electrons ….

If we take a giant microscope and look at the Human Body, we will see that it is spinning, living, busting with energy and changing at the astonishing speed of a few million times per second… And so, from this point of view your body is not as you may think of it ….

Undoing ageing ( in terms of degenerative diseases ) is possible, and it starts with working physically on a cellular level. We need to first clean out all the rubbish built for years in and around all cells, then we need to rebuild a brand new physical experience and then we just maintain this extraordinary Factory - Your Physical Body, the purpose of which is to produce Life in the first place In fact, your entire body is like an electrical company, chemical factory, transportation grid, communications network, detoxification facility, hospital and battlefield all rolled into one. Our bodies contain trillions of cells, organised into more than 200 major types. At any given time, each cell is doing thousands of routine jobs, like creating and using energy, manufacturing proteins and responding to environmental cues. Different cell types also have special duties, like building skin or bone, pumping out hormones or making antibodies. The NuCell™ Program breaks the living organism (the human body) down to its smallest components - and applies universal biological principles in order to provide an optimum environment for the cells to reproduce and thrive, thus it promotes de-ageing and biological clock reversal. Here is one OUTSTANDING fact about our cells: Every cell is a mini battery, it has a negative and a positive charge. The positive one is outside the cell and the negative inside. Each cell has the charge of 1. 4 volt!!!!! To produce and utilise this electrical charge, every cell needs a proper environment ... The Human body is not anatomy, but ..... electrical plant, the energy delivery of which depends upon its conductor: water is the best electricity conductor, and so remember water is present in and around your cells (quality and amount is different topic) ..... By manipulating the conductivity of your cellular water supply / reserve on cellular and intracellular level, you can turn on your body to become the absolutely perfect bio-machine that it is supposed to be .... and that is where you will find true health, and other things of which most people dream ...


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