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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The negative aspect of the aging process, which the majority of people identify with, is a metabolic disorder that develops gradually over a period of time. The unwanted effects of aging result from malfunctioning that occurs on the cellular level.

When the body’s cells are unable to remove their daily-generated metabolic waste material fast enough, some of it is deposited in the cell membranes. In fact, the cell membranes become cellular ‘garbage bins.’ The cells cannot rid themselves of all their own waste because the surrounding connective tissue is congested with other waste material. In due time, this inefficient waste disposal becomes more pronounced and apparent.

The withheld waste gradually cuts off the cells’ supply of oxygen (no need for profound Nobel worthy discoveries), nutrients and water, and increasingly thickens their membranes. for example: The cell membranes of a newborn baby are very thin, nearly colorless and transparent. The average 70 year old person today has cell membranes that are at least five times as thick as those found in a baby’s body; the membranes’ color is generally brown and, in some cases, even black.

This cell-degenerative process is what we generally refer to as ‘aging.’ Even during aging, all cells in the body are routinely replaced with new cells, Yet, the new cells are generally in not much better shape than the old ones were. The affected tissues or groups of cells have become weaker and suffer malnutrition, giving the new generation of cells a very poor start in life.

Consequently, not before long, the membranes of the new cells also become clogged up. They never even have a chance to develop into healthy young cells. As more and more of the cells and the surrounding connective tissues become saturated with toxic substances, entire organs in the body begin to age and deteriorate as well. The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, also begins to suffer from malnourishment.

Consequently, the skin loses some of its elasticity, changes its natural color, becomes dry and rough, and develops blemishes that consist of metabolic waste products. At this stage, the negative aspect of the aging process becomes visible on the outside. So, it is very obvious that external aging, which is a direct result of defective cell metabolism, first occurs inside the body.

It has been proven that the functions of the body, through rehabilitation of cell behavior, are dramatically improved through the methods of the New Cell Program. As soon as the cells begin to shed their ‘dark skin’ (a natural result of the cleansing), the absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water increases, and so do cell vitality and efficiency. As digestion and metabolism continue to improve, instead of being old and tired, the cells will become young and dynamic again. This is the time when the actual aging process becomes reversed and the positive aspects of aging begin to dominate.

Naturally, if you want to achieve outer beauty you must develop inner beauty first. If your body has accumulated a lot of waste material it is not capable of imbuing you with a sense of beauty and worthiness. Your beauty and health begins within your cells ...

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