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ATTENTION: Don't make payment before talking to me !!!!


I am NOT using the principles of the NuCell Program here.

I am using different biological principles. Weight Loss and Rejuvenation is NOT a substitute for the New Cell Program !!!

This Program is not just about losing weight, it is about eliminating the causes of fat and weight gain. Incidentally, the Program addresses the underlying causes of weight gain in women.


The critical question is: 
Weight loss or fat loss?


Because these are two different things, with the former we ruin our hormones ... all our hormones, we bring on a metabolic disorder of the body (in a nutshell we go to the movies), and ... we add insulin resistance to the mix, which later on becomes a whole list of "autoimmune diseases". There are many experts on this topic around the world and in your country ... they achieve what is highlighted above in no time.

The correct scenario is: fat burning, where is the body shrinks in size but stands on weight !!!! Why? Because the way everyone loses weight is like this: reduction of grey matter in the brain and ... reduction of bone density + the above. With my Program, we keep the bone and muscle density, but reduce body size and composition while correcting hormones.


WEIGHT LOSS AND REJUVENATION 2 in 1 is an individually tailored program that does not require the complexity that sometimes accompanies Albina's New Cell program. With the New Cell Program we repair the entire body at the cellular level, and here we repair the body's metabolic profile, which in itself automatically leads to the repair of some disease conditions, which is enough for many people who care about their appearance and their health.


The program is done in two-week segments, with each subsequent segment depending on the feedback (for the previous segment) that each participant gives me. No products are used in this program. I use the most used drug, and the least used drug: food !!!!


This Program is not suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians !!!!


Insulin resistance is a condition where your cells can no longer successfully use insulin as a hormone to transport sugar from food into your cells. When your cells become unable to use glucose for fuel, not only will you experience an energy deficiency, but they will also store unused glucose as fat. This is the root cause of metabolic syndrome, which is defined as having three of the following five components: obesity, high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides, high blood sugar, or low HDL cholesterol levels.





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