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The formula comes in four bottles. Once a day, one pill from each bottle, and two pills from the vitamin D3 bottle. It is available in pharmacies and certainly in I have not added vitamin C in the formula to avoid making the product more expensive. Ascorbic acid costs very little in BG. 


I recommend taking the formula in the first half of the day, after meals, because you may not sleep if you take it in the second, it gives a lot of energy.


The four bottles (the formula) are enough for one month, those who have difficulties with the price can take the formula 3 times a week !!! The price includes VAT.


The Vitamin Formula of the New Cell Program is much more than just vitamin supplements. It plays a role in strengthening immune function, converting food into energy, aiding in the detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals, as well as the production of neurotransmitters and other key signaling molecules in the body. Contributes to tissue maintenance and repair and cell regeneration.

It is a complex biochemical formula that has several purposes:


1. After we have skinned our "zombie cells" through the Program, see also HERE, for the first time in our lives, we repair the nutritional profile of the body, which is made of cells. In short, for the first time we are feeding our cells to get out of the "full stomachs, hungry cells" situation.


2. Very often taking the formula makes fixes even without the Program, this has been proven through the many people who have done the experiment. In the beginning when I started working in Bulgaria, I allowed the formula only to people who passed the Program. However, several women gave the vitamins to their husbands as well, and as a result they 'reported' to me that some of them got their prostatitis gone, others got their heart fixed, etc.


Who else are the vitamins good for?

For all adults.

For people on the Programme they are a must,

for the reasons I described in point 1.


Also for:

People who are dieting to lose weight, or who eat only small amounts for other reasons (e.g., seniors with poor appetites).
People with extremely one-sided eating habits, e.g. those who eat a lot of fast food, or fruitarians who eat only a few different foods for ideological reasons.
Vegans, who as a rule make many biological mistakes with their diet
Individuals who rarely spend time in the sun
Patients who need to take medications regularly (e.g. cortisone or certain antibiotics)
People who suffer from digestive disorders
People who drink alcohol regularly


Do not give to children without talking to me.
Not to be taken by people with high vitamin D levels, and those with ascorbic acid sensitivity. This also applies to people with certain cancers. It is best to talk to me if you fall into this category.


REG. №Т221118959/14.10.2022

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