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NuAuris ear drops are used for a number of infectious diseases that occur primarily in the outer ear or auditory canal, or as a result of secondary spread or as part of a list of complications of a number of other diseases (e.g. influenza).

Maintaining good hygiene is key to reducing the risks of serious complications, often with long-term consequences, and this is where NuAuris ear drops are indispensable.

The drops are suitable for children !!!

How to use:

1. In the presence of the above conditions, one or two drops in each ear, two or three times a day.

2. For prophylaxis or to clean the ear canal, one drop once a day, one or two times a week.



Hi, Albina! It is with excitement and great gratitude that I write these lines... On October 12 (before they were even released) I received a gift from you of NuAuris ear drops to treat the perforation of my ear drum. Miracle happened, the drops are magical. To date, my eardrum has recovered even though the doctors said the hole was very large and would not be able to close on its own, and would require surgery. With all my ❤️ I express my gratitude for the attention and help."

Maria D.
1 December 2022
The bottle is 10 ml

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