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Infinity ATP is an amphipathic molecule.

  • Допълнителна Информация:


    • The product is available in 100 ml. bottle.



    The bottle comes without a dropper. Therefore, you must get a glass one to measure the dose you need. Unfortunately, the rubber part of the dropper easily cracks, and part of the contents leaks during shipment.


    Inifinity is an amphipathic molecule, which has proven atributes against tumors. It also suppresses tumor invasion and inhibits the proliferation of tumors and the metastasis of cancer cells.



    Do not use with blood thinners!!!

    Do not place near strong heat; keep at room temperature. The product crystallizes at low temperatures – to restore its liquidity, place the product at room temperature (e.g. near a room heater) or put the bottle in a bowl of warm water for about 10 - 15 minutes!!!



    1. Internal use: take 2 – 5 ml with 30-50 ml water (dis>lled, mineral, or spring). Do NOT use tap water. If you take 5ml, take it once a day; if you take 2ml, take it twice a day, in the morning and at night.


    2. Do NOT touch the product with metal or plastic. Use only glass or wood. That means you must use a glass dropper and should not stir it with metal or plastic utensils!!!


    3. Topical use: apply only on clean skin that has NO other products on it.


    4. Keep the product away from sunlight or other sources of heat, e.g. stove, flame, fire (the product is flammable). Do not keep it in the refrigerator – rather at room temperature.


    5. Keep away from children!!!


    6. If taken internally, the product should NOT be taken undiluted. Follow the instructons as described in #1.


    7. In its undiluted form, the product can be used only topically, as described in #3.


    8. At low temperatures, the product crystallizes. Keep at room temperature to restore its liquidity. See #4!!!


    9. It is possible that the product may cause some skin odor. If that is the case, take either liquid chlorophyl or in pill form and follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s package. Additionally you can chew on a few chlorophil tablets a day, ajust the dose as needed. Both vailable in health stores.


    10. If the topical use causes some redness or irrita>on/burning on the skin, wash the spot with water and apply some coconut oil.




    1. Internal use as described in #1 above.


    2. With nail fungus: one drop on the nail, morning and evening, let it absorb. Repeat untl healed.


    3. With migraines: a few drops on the forehead and in the temple areas, twice a day.


    4. With thyroid noodles/swelling: rub a small amount of the product on the thyroid area as well as the liver area twice a day!!! Do it with your palm, do not touch with metal or anything plas>c!!! Wash hands aher use!!! (Especially effectve for women and especially effectve with the NuCell Program).


    5. This product does not replace the Drops during NuCell Program; however, combined with the Drops, Inifinity has the effect of a Panacea!



    Wishing you perfect health!


    A. Fabiani


    If you need any further clarificatons, please write to me at

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