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Losing weight is not about starving yourself... So let's talk about what healthy weight loss means.

When you lose weight, you are not actually reducing the number of fat cells (adipocytes) in your body !!! The number of fat cells stays the same, even as when you were 20 kg thinner.

What you need to get rid of are actually fat deposits sticking to the cells. It is important to understand this: fat cells are not fat per se, but rather fat containers. Think of fat cells as bubbles: if you are overweight these bubbles are filled and inflated with fat stores, water and toxins.

Another important thing is that your fat cells are constantly renewed, but their number remains the same. Yet about 10% of the cells are replaced each year. There is also a "flow" of fat (lipids - fat molecules; mostly triglycerides) in and out of your adipose tissue (body fat). True fat loss simply means encouraging the flow outward, reducing that inward.

What you should aim for is less and less toxins being deposited inside the body (the body makes fat deposits solely for the purpose of protecting important organs from these same toxins). If you help the body get rid of the toxins accumulated in intercellular deposits, you will melt body fat easily and in a completely natural way, and restore your cellular health.

The problem here is that most people think this is done with diets. WRONG! We're talking about cellular and intercellular space here, not 'detoxing' your digestive tract. It's important to understand here that fat cells are not the enemy: in fact, they've saved your life for years: if you're overweight, it means your body has been protecting you from you. The only reason you're alive is because of the body's amazing ability to break down toxins by first storing and neutralizing them in fat depots... it's just that at some point the balance of this process is disrupted.


A low carb "diet" is one of the worst things you can do for your health: physical as well as mental !!! If you remove carbs from your diet, what are you eating ? Fat and Protein !!! Mostly Fats ! Does that sound like a good idea? The "gurus" of low carb diets claim you will melt fat by eating fat. Do you find any sense in that? Surely there isn't.

But, if you want to gain fat, clog your arteries, fill your cells with fat, increase cancer cell production, and get osteoporosis and diabetes, then a low carb diet is for you! The low carb "gurus" also claim that high protein is good for the body and even necessary health. NOT !!!! If we don't get enough carbs and at the same time consume too much protein, the body will go into a state of ketosis.

What is ketosis? It's when there is a buildup of ketones in the blood, which are byproducts of fat oxidation (without enough carbohydrates for the body to convert into energy, the body begins to store fat from food and store it, but ketones are a byproduct of this type of metabolism). Ketones are toxic (poisonous), acidic chemicals such as acetone, acetoacetic acid ester, and beta-hydroxybutyrate.

Ketosis also results in loss of appetite; the body turns on its hunger signals. This is the exact same condition as literally starving yourself to death! It seems to be a kind of protection so that while we are dying we don't suffer as much from hunger pains. This is how low-carb diets work: they put you on a purposeful form of starvation... Certainly doesn't sound like a beneficial diet for us humans.

Ketosis is a very dangerous condition and also increases insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. Absolutely counterproductive for people with diabetes who are often overweight as well. Insulin resistance is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease as well as impaired glucose tolerance, which is tied to hypertension and dyslipidemia (abnormal amounts of lipids such as cholesterol and fats in the blood).

When our bodies are in a state of ketosis dehydration, it will affect the kidneys to overload and get rid of excess nitrogen. This can cause dizziness, headaches, confusion, nausea, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and the worsening of possible kidney problems. Whenever you see someone on a low-carb diet, you will also notice that they are dependent on stimulants to cope with daily life. They can't function without their coffee or energy drinks. They literally become addicted to Caffeine, Cordyceps, Dimethylamylamine or other stimulants. Some also take fat burning pills and combination supplements, ECA stacks( a combination of Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin) , Clenbuterol, and all sorts of other chemicals to trick the body into making energy (without actually supplying any real energy to the body/cells).

The low-carb lifestyle just isn't sustainable in the long run, so in the end it always comes down to hitting the wall and the inevitable backslide that everyone knows: Gaining weight again and worse than before.


1. Low-carb diets turn the body into a "fat storage". When we deprive our brains and bodies of what they need (glucose) we become susceptible to weight gain, and forever !!! Metabolism will slow down to such an extent that as soon as you start eating real food again, the body's number one priority will be to store everything possible !!!

2. Taking fat to melt fat is COMPLETE NONSENSE ! There is no logic, and it doesn't work. The fat we eat goes straight to storage (as body fat, or as blockages in the blood stream, etc) ... every time and without fail.

3. A low-carb diet kills your desire for exercise/fitness ... as well as sex. Without carbs, your cells are deprived of glucose, so your energy will drop on par with your slowing metabolism. Stimulants can make you think you have energy for a while, but eventually your body will just "shut down" and the stimulants will make that much more likely to happen.

4. Low-carb diets just initially trick you into thinking you're melting fat. People on a low-carb diet immediately lose a few pounds, but what they actually lose initially is water weight caused by dehydration. This is also noticeable in the condition of the skin: flabby, colorless, listless and lacking elasticity, repulsive breath.

5. Your body cannot burn fat qualitatively, safely and sustainably in the absence of carbohydrates. We need a steady intake of carbohydrates/glucose to be able to burn fat qualitatively and without residual/secondary toxic waste. Without carbs, all we do is force ourselves to starve.

Life becomes HELL and the Fridge is waiting for the inevitable Crash that all dieters know so well !!!

In conclusion I will say this: be wise and don't trust all sorts of experts on Weight Loss and especially on Dieting, even when their names are world famous.

Recently, many people have become interested in the Program because of the way it changes the appearance !!! Let me remind you that the appearance in the Program is a bonus (additional effect), not a goal.

The Program takes care of a person's cellular health and hence recomposes the body, which is the only reason for the change in appearance .... those who lose weight with or without dieting do not "recompose" the way we do at the cellular level !!!

And although I don't like to look at the Program as a way to improve appearance, here are a few examples of people who have changed beyond recognition, but most of all parted with diabetes, Hashimoto's, depression, overweight, arthritis, and many, many so-called autoimmune and degenerative diseases and more:

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