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Three reasons why MODULE 2 nano-second spark gap Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device is best PEMF choice:

  1. The unique design offers Dual Full Body Mats, working from above and below the body simultaneously

  2. Saves time for busy professionals

  3. Highly effective and reliable

Our toxic world can be overwhelming, but with the use of MODULE 2 - BODY’S NATURAL WELLNESS SYSTEM is reenergized, rejuvenated, and restored to optimal function allowing us to become reacquainted with our body’s own wellness system. Allowing us to replenish what our body may have lost due to the accumulated toxic load and other stressors.

Water is electromagnetic in nature, and the water in the cells of our bodies function much like a cellular battery. The average adult human body averages around 57-60% water.

Our cells function like tiny batteries


"Our cells need charge like our cell phones need charge! When our cells become run down, they do not work optimally ..."

- Dr. Gerald Pollack 



The battery effect within the cells is due to tiny ion pumps created by the flow of sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+) ions inside and out of the cell membrane as well as the flow of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). The electrical charge of these tiny ion pumps depends on the health of the body, and they can be improved by using nano-second spark gap High Intensity PEMF for at most 12 minutes daily.  


So-called “Low intensity PEMF” devices do not work the same way, but use resonance aka oscillating magnetic fields with waveforms and frequencies (these are also referred to as “hummers”), these are not producing pulsed electromagnetic fields at all, they are resonating/oscillating magnetic fields.

These oscillating hummer type devices have different uses and applications, and they are much less expensive because of the type of components used. They work very differently energetically than High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices.

The High Intensity nano-second spark gap PEMF is a true “pulsed” electromagnetic field that is strong enough to affect the cellular battery level and internal organs, these devices are referred to as “ringers”.




When the cellular battery’s ion channels lose their electrical charge the flow of water and nutrients in, and cytotoxins out is slowed down.


The body responds very well to nano-second spark gap PEMF technology because it boosts the cells batteries, promotes repair and provides antioxidant electrons which stop free radicals and promotes health and longevity and restores cell metabolism to a higher more optimally charged level.  


This action also benefits the immune system, circulation, removal of cellular wastes, and optimizes all the functions of the blood, lymph, facia and skeletal and nervous system at the cellular and organ levels.  A person using the MODULE 2 will feel the pulsations happening as the electromagnetic field seeks out and relieves every area of inflammation in the body.  

MODULE 2 nano-second spark gap PEMF also optimizes the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions.

Healthy, energized cells have an optimal charge while run down cells can use a boost in their charge in order boost a person’s energy and healing system and promote longevity.  the PEMF boost also benefits healthy DNA and RNA replication. When our cells are run down, we feel tired and sluggish and we are more vulnerable to dis-ease and accelerated aging.

The PEMF boost also helps to prevent the formation of free radical attacks. This is very important because free radicals steal electrons from the cell creating more free radical damage in a vicious cycle. This protection from free radical attacks also benefits the immune system.

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