This Phase is done at home prior to your arrival at the Retreat: After a formal enrollment in the Program, you will receive a one-week instructions, which will ensure that you are ready for Phase 2 and the patented NuCell drops, which are the hit.

The implementation of this phase does not require a substantial change in your lifestyle, but it is important, and it will lead to the elimination of over-toxic mycotoxic waste held intracellulary, as well as in the body fat deposits. 


This is the most important phase of the Program and it is held at the retreat. The cells you are made of, are the Host of your body and here the program informs you and demonstrates why. 

This is also the phase in which the body can actively replace the old cellular and intracellular fluid, and prepare the cell membwhich is often the cause of maintaining inadequate cell behavior.


Maintenance phase. Time to literally rebuild the body. You only need to follow few rules and let the cells of your body do its magic.

Few facts: the skin is completely renewed for 2 weeks, 120 days are wanted for whole new blood, the amazing 60 days for totally new brain matter ... You are work in Progress !!!