Is the Retreat 21 days or take part in separate dates? Like one week in October and one week in December and so on?

The Retreat is 7 days, a week prior to that participants start the Program at home, full instructions are given. 7 days after the Retreat, for a limited time, there are still a few rules to follow. Then everybody goes back to their normal life, applying the knowledge they’ve learned during the week together.

Is the Nucell Program for everyone?

The Program is for everyone, it is Universal, people with health conditions benefit greatly. By the way many doctors and health practitioners have participated the Program and they are totally blown by the sense the Program makes, how well it is structured, and the evindence based effects that it brings.

Do I have to become vegetarian?

NO ... You don't have to become vegetarian, however there are some dietary adjustments for the duration of the Program.

Is the price of the Program for each of the 3 phases?

The Price is for the entire Program of all 3 Phases.

Do I have to completely change my life style?

NO, You Don't ... Read previous Q&A

What to Expect?

The Results Vary for Everyone, but here are some of the most common: getting rid of stiff joints, regulation of blood pressure, normalising cholesterol level, arthritis free, improved flexibility, candida free, healthy gut, improved sleep quality, weight loss, highly hydrated skin, deep wrinkles smoothing, overall visible rejuvenation and general health improvement, body recomposition, dibet type 2 fast reversal ... not to mention the many psychological benefits: zest for life, enthusiasm, positive approach to previously negative situations, excitement, depression free life, great sleep.

Is this a Detox Program?

All Detox programs are about alimentary canal cleanse, some do Liver Cleanse etc., the problem is that they will bring only a partial benefit for the physical body. The NuCell Program is much more than just a Detox ... it changes the entire chemistry of your body on a cellular level by changing completely the environment in which cells live and thrive, thus changing cells behaviour.