How Does It Work:


To reap the benefits of Cell Hydration, you also need to goggle the cells the right kind of water.  You need low surface tension water. If you drink water with high surface tension like tap water, your cell are not going to be hydrated, even if you are drinking litres and litres !!!

Only few people know that a properly functioning body creates its own water as a byproduct of specific cell fat burning, thereby assisting cellular respiration, without which life processes in the body are not possible.

Fat cells in the body are is inherently water. By changing the angle of the link of the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a molecule of water in the body, melting the same fat cells (by the way diets only  force shrinkage of the cells, which leads to loss and muscle mass), triggers intense reaction inside the cells themselves, as each cell is converted into a kind mini-reactor. Thus in addition to the production of biological water, we have a new type of energy, and extreme and rapid method for the renewal of cells where necessary. 

In this process sick, degenerate and weak cells literally disintegrate. Survive only those with better organisation and peak performance, and mostly mitochondrial functions (which again are closely related to the presence of bioactive water in the body). Thus the organism eliminates unnecessary, weak, diseased and harmful cells, thereby rapidly regenerate.

The water obtained from an external source (drinking water) differs in composition from this bioactive water ... this bioactive water is produced by cells working in optimal mode. Then then they have an unique property: using a minimum quantity of its own energy, they produce liquid / water, the task of which is both to keep the cells optimised, healthy, hydrated and "fed" by the same water.

The bio-Water is an unique substance... it is so remarkable that can be called a living substance, and again: it is generated by the body itself. It has long been known that water has memory and transmits information. The water in the body is biologically living water that stores, receives and transmits information, thus altering its molecular structure. This is the water we need in our bodies !!!!

Did you know that any external source water is composed of molecules, the size of which does not even allow their exit out of the stomach, making the wisdom of drinking litres of water a day to hydrate a joke ..?

When the body gets water from an external source, the body starts a process of revision of the molecules of water in question, which is actually a huge waste of cellular energy. This processing means changing the angle of the connection link between oxygen and  hydrogen atoms inside a water molecule.

This angle is usually 104.45 ̊̊ (Can very slightly vary), and only a few decades ago was believed to be 90 degrees !!!! The water molecules have a tendency to stick to one another, thereby forming clusters of usually 10 molecules. These 'clusters' form even larger survive tension water body, which is not optimal for human health optimisation.