How Does It Work:


One concept is that man breathes oxygen and oxygen goes into the blood and it brightens the colour of the blood and we say it is oxygenated.
The truth is that  no single atom ever crosses the lung into the blood as matter.

What happens is, 65% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 15-16% is oxygen, and the balance is made of carbon dioxide.

In fact, If you think scientifically and logically, oxygen is made of 8 electrons, 8 neutrons and 8 protons, so in comparison it is the size of a foot ball, and if yo look at the hydrogen which is in the air its the size of a pinball, even though nitrogen which is bout 65% of the air we breath is smaller than a football because its only 14 and oxygen is 16. And the carbon we inhale is even smaller than nitrogen. Therefor a smaller ball.

So, if oxygen which is as big as a foot ball and can go through the wall of the lung, then the hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide should be able to go through too. Bottom line: oxygenation or brightness / colour of blood has nothing to do with the oxygen crossing the wall of the lung into the blood stream.

What happens in this process is that the lung iselft converts the matter of nitrogen into a plasma of nitrogen and this process is done at plasma level. What happens is that the nitrogen which has lost the energy of the helium which is 2 electrons 2 protons and 2 neutrons becomes a carbon dioxide, and that is why we breath out CO2 when we breathe air in. Some of the hydrogen which is left in the lungs, links up with some of the oxygen which is created at the same time, and creates water, or what is the moisture of the lung.


So if yo look at what happens to people who get sick or frail and their breathing changes due to their illness, we see that sometimes in these cases the lung gets flooded with liquid, and sometimes doctors withdraw 1-3 litres of water from the lungs, This water does not come from the body, If the water came from the body, the kidneys would of failed and all the digestion system and processing would of failed because its a lot of water to extract from the body. For the first time we can explain and see how the liquid water in teh lung is created through the working of the lung itself and not from the main operations of the body itself.



When we become weak and frail, the lungs functions becomes slower which leads to creation of extra moisture in lungs. A fully functioning body, creates this moisture in the lung. By slowing down the breathing or changing the process of breathing in the body we allow the lungs to produce enough water/moisture that the body can absorb out of the lungs. The body produces its own bio-water through  breathing ...