The "New Cell" program, founded by Albina Fabiyani, also called "The Biochacker", is an avant-garde health restoration program, and is a registered trademark. It is the only of a kind program in the world that shows real results in the field of Rejuvenation, Health and ... of course, Beauty.

In general, the human body is an electric battery, a battery and is a device that is charged with electrical energy through chemical processes. This biological battery is made up of trillions of small solar cells that continuously charge and maintain it at an optimal level of performance.

These trillions of cells are constantly renewed through the process of birth and death. The entire surface of the skin, for example, is replaced every two weeks, and the red blood cells live for only 120 days. The problem is that the cells are reproduced by copying the electromagnetic information of the previous 'aging' cells.)

The man is compromising his biological battery from the day of his birth ... When the battery is new (young), there is plenty of clean 'channels' so the battery runs in maximum mode and without disturbing the balance until ..... a little bit , the reserve starts to decrease, the levels of the electrolytes are depleted and the vital energy is becoming scarcer! So, over time, illnesses of a different nature, stress, and a little later, the so-called aging with the typical illnesses or degenerative diseases occur.

Let's not forget that the body is essentially a very complex and delicate chemical laboratory in which over 60 trillion cells are involved, carrying over 6,000,000,000,000 chemical reactions in each nano-second.

The cell's electrical potential lies in the balance between the nucleus and the cytoplasm of the cell, which is essential for providing vitality and life itself. Its reduction to zero leads to death.

Therefore, obsolete approaches such as partial fasting, water fasting, eating fruits and vegetables as well as strict vegetarianism and the like, give limited results.